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Todd Fisher


That is awesome hopefully the bugs can be worked out to where they will end up being flawless after production. I too sent an email to precision scale with no response as did several others who were on that comment thread on FB. Those tightlocks look awesome on the coil car, not sure how prototypical you like to be but coil cars do typically use a long shank coupler as they have cushioning devices on them. I definitely need a bunch of type Fs for my RD4 coal train I'm going to model so hopefully that will happen soon too 

On Wed, Mar 11, 2020, 12:27 AM Tim L <tim@...> wrote:
That looks good Andrew.

On the dimensions being slightly out, do remember that Frank said that
the parts are done for the 3d printer he had (something about a hole
being slightly oblong so the castings come out correctly). The drawings
would probably need to be tweeked slightly for the printer you/the
casting company use and the material (brass vs zinc) the couplers are
cast in (shrinkage rate etc).

On that note zinc would likely be a cheaper material than brass as well.

Following with interest.

- Tim

On 11/03/2020 14:35, Andrew via Groups.Io wrote:
> I have been in contact with Precision Scale myself, although I need to
> touch base again as my last email didn't get a response. On the Facebook
> group Christopher Costello has mentioned there may be a manufacturer
> that is going to pick up the line, but he does not want to reveal who
> that company is yet.
> I have found a company that will investment cast these couplers and my
> first test of couplers came in yesterday. Some of the dimensions are
> slightly off, so to assemble I had to drill the knuckle slightly. The
> parts are currently too expensive to be viable, but I am exploring
> options on how to make it cheaper. The coupler has operated flawlessly
> since I assembled the pair, so that is good! Here is a photo showing the
> coupler installed in a ST coil car with a Sergent knuckle.
> Inline image
> Andrew

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