Re: Couplers

Todd Fisher

Andrew, Frank sometimes may not get emails in his regular folder you may have to send another or see if you can grab his attention on here. I know Frank's had alot of personal life going on and is ready to retire from this aspect of things so hopefully we can find someone to produce these very soon. Heard precision scale was potentially looking at picking them upĀ 

On Tue, Mar 10, 2020, 2:50 PM Andrew via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I had a chance to test the strength of the 3D printed type H couplers I made and the four I tested all fail right around 35 Oz (2.1875 Lbs). For reference, pulling the dead weight of a scaletrains SD40-2 takes 2.8 oz, so you should be able to pull the dead weight of 12 locomotives before the couplers fail. I also got out five Athearn blue box cars with plastic wheels and tested to see how much force is required to pull them. The force required is low enough that my meter didn't register!

The next step is to try a different resin mixture to see if that increases the strength. I am also working with Formlabs to determine the strength of some of their resins to see if it would work to make the couplers.

On another note, has anyone been able to contact Frank recently? I inquired a couple weeks ago about the possibility of buying knuckles and balls from him as separate items as but never heard back.

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