Re: For Sale: EC64 and RN87K (and other stuff)

John Degnan <scaler164@...>

If the EC64 couplers are the NEW (improved) style than I'll take them.  If they are the old (original) style, I don't want them.


John D

On January 18, 2020 at 9:18 PM Jeremy Jordan <copperrange@...> wrote:

No longer have use of these items and want them to go to a good home. Please contact me off list if interested.

Lot 1: S Scale *(sold as a group only please)
FOUR unopened packages of EC64 (two pair) couplers (made early 2K)
One opened package of EC64 (complete)
MS Uncoupler

Lot 2: HO Scale *(Sold as a group only please)
2x RS2P87 Metal Pocket for stub shank coupler
1x AFRS Assembly fixture
2x RS1P87K Sharon Stub Shank Coupler
1x AFRN Assembly Fixture for RN87K/RNC87K
2x RN87K Sharon with Draft Gear (three pair each)
2x Ball Spring Pack for Sharon
1x MS Uncoupling Wand


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