Re: Assembled Sergent Couplers available

David Colvin

Right now, I'm going to see about getting some out and take pics first.
I did lightly file each bearing depression and apply graphite pencil lead to the bearing depression and coupler parts during assembly to ensure excellent/reliable working condition.  I've got a young fellow who has agreed to pull them out so as we get that process started, I'll be able to give an accurate number for interested parties.  I know I have regular and lower shelf couplers.  Bought several 6 packs and two bags to 144 lot.

Again, I really like the action/look.  However, having over 30 years of weekly operating sessions under our belts, there are some operating styles and schemes that simply may not be appropriate for these.  Thankfully, we have choices to fit multiple needs.  This decision was not made lightly or at the spur of the moment.

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