Re: Assembled Sergent Couplers available

Dale Kritzky

You should keep your Sergents and not worry about the people in your group, I have 1 guy  in my group That thinks Sergents are "evil" so he just doesn't come to my house, none of my people are ever going to change over to Sergents ,but most of the nay sayers actually enjoy using them. It's just a learning curve for operations and all operations are different, don't let someone else dictate how your rr should be. Dale

On January 14, 2020, at 1:51 PM, David Colvin <djc148@...> wrote:

I did a test project of about 200 Sergent couplers or so.  I enjoyed the look and handling of the couplers, but my regular operators were not as enthused due to age, not wanting to change, etc.

I will be taking them off the cars soon and looking for a happy home for them.  They are lower shelf and double shelf couplers (a few).  Weathered, etc.  I applaud the group's effort to continue the work and think they have a very fine place in the hobby.

David C

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