Re: Couplers

Kevin Packard

Frank - Wow, those pictures are awesome.  It all makes more sense now how you designed them.  When you printed the initial models, what orientation did you have them in?  Vertical? Horizontal?

In testing the prints I've made the weak point is definitely the sides of the shank by the hole for the lower piece.  I think that some beefing up in that area would be great.  Or possibly also decrease the size of the hole and pin.  

I plan on trying out a different resin that is supposed to be better for working parts.  Siraya Tech Blu resin.  Apparently it has great strength and some slight flex to it as well.  I also have some stuff coming to set up a better curing station.  Now that the proof of concept works, I'm really curious to see what can be achieved with better resins and some minor tweaks.  Hopefully we can figure out something that works.  


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