Re: Effect of dampness on steel balls

Alan Hummel


Thank you very much that's what I needed to know. I'm making the change to all Sergent couplers,but thought if corrosion could develop on axles it might happen with the steel balls. I been tossing & turning,trying to decide whether I want to stay with my HO collection of 30+ years,or take the chance of moving to O scale,which at present,closely ressembles HO scale offerings 40+ years ago when I was introduced to HO-not much there. Oh it's come a long way,but has a lot further to go&if you don't custom decorate&have a lot of wiring skills,you're in trouble. I've got a vasr amount of HO items that when I bought them,went for a high price,that now days,you can't give away.

Thanks so much again.


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