Re: Couplers

Todd Fisher

Kevin do please let us know how this goes. If you could do this for double shelf and type Fs as well that'd be awesome. 

On Mon, Jan 6, 2020, 3:42 PM George <gsebastiancoleman@...> wrote:
This looks very promising. Thanks for moving forward with this.

George Sebastian-Coleman

On Jan 6, 2020, at 2:01 PM, Kevin Packard <kevinpackard@...> wrote:

I put together a couple couplers this morning and have tested them out.  They do work, though they are not nearly as smooth operating as all metal.  The resin tends to hold the ball, as well as the knuckle.  It takes more force to open the knuckle, and to close it.  It's far easier to couple to a car with all metal couplers because that one will have a knuckle that opens and closes easily.  

I did have to widen the ball space a bit, as well as the coupler box pin hole.  Besides that there were no fit issues.

Here's one of the frets after printing:

One of the couplers removed from the supports and cleaned up

Assembled with ball, metal knuckle, and metal lower shelf


Installed on a Walther's 50' boxcar

Coupled to a standard E

Coupled to a long shank lower shelf E

I'll keep testing.  Time will tell how it does in the long run.  There are other resins I might want to try.  The have "engineering" resins that are tough and designed to be used for moving parts.  We'll see.


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