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Bill Keene

First off… I have been using Sergent couplers for more years than I can remember. 

When I first started the conversion from Kadee couplers I looked at my freight car fleet. I discovered that this collection was just that … a “collection” of cars that did not relate to the reality of what I was beginning as a prototype modeler to model. The how to convert question was easy to answer. With so many blue box cars from various manufacturers and a rather un-planned fleet mix I chose to sell off over 400 freight cars and concentrate on a layout fleet that better reflected the prototype branch line that I was just beginning to model. 

As the new fleet was being put together, each new addition was equipped with Sergent couplers from the first day. That planned fleet is about complete at a total of 168 cars. About a 25% of these are in operation with Sergent couplers. Another 40% are kits that will receive their Sergent couplers once constructed. I have a stockpile of couplers set aside for these kits. The last 35% are RTR that until recently have been on the shelves due to a lack of couplers being available. Earlier this year the Type E couplers again became available and I now have enough to complete the conversion of these cars to have Sergent couplers. At the same time each of these RTR — actually, better named “near RTR” — will also receive necessary modifications, upgrades, and weathering. 

The transition from one coupler system to another has not been a problem. 

I just checked the Sergent Engineering web site and it shows that the Type E, Type E w/ shelf, and the Sharon couplers are available. And the good news is that the narrow shank Type E will be available soon. 

One last comment… I have unexpectedly discovered that I operate much slower when switching with the Sergent coupler equipped cars that in the past with the Ksdee equipped cars. 

Cheers & Happy Modeling,
Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

On Dec 23, 2019, at 7:39 PM, Dale Buxton <dbtuathaddana@...> wrote:

It is important to understand what Frank is saying about the unavailable couplers.  All of the “UNAVAIlABLE” couplers are of the “Investment Cast” variety. This means that a master part is cast or printed in wax, plastic or resin and then sacrificed in the casting process to make its metal duplicate. It is a time consuming process. Frank’s 3D  high- resolution printer died some time back and he lost the ability to do the “Investment Cast Couplers” at that time. All of his efforts to replace his printer with another type of machine have fallen short of the quality that he wants.

The standard Die-Cast E-type and Sharon Type couplers are and have been  continuously available.

Dale B.

On Mon, Dec 23, 2019 at 18:53 Todd Sullivan via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I visited the Sergent site perhaps 4 weeks ago, and many of the coupler styles were showing 'out of stock'.  After reading some of the recent other posts on this list, I'm not sure what is going on.  A short blurb on the website home page indicates that the cast parts are unavailable (maybe due to losing a supplier?), and encourages others to manufacture them.

If anyone has any additional information about the company and/or product status, please post it.  The Sergent line of couplers is valuable to the hobby as innovative and very much to-scale parts.

Todd Sullivan
(who used Sergent Sharon design couplers when I was modeling in HOn3)

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