Re: Effect of dampness on steel balls

Alan Hummel


Thank you Dave. Yes,this Winter has been 1 for the record books at least at my location,as far as actual weather records,it might not have topped those records.

I never thought about the effect of dampness&moisture on the steel balls until yesterday. But I'm moving from a 4'x8' upstairs dining room layout to the basement after May when we have an auction which will for the most part clear my 17'x40'basement for trains. Well,I'll leave Mom some room,ha ha!! I've notice a little rust on some metal axles on a 50' boxcar from Exactrail&that's what really got me to thinking. I suppose the only way to be 100% sure,would be to buy some steel balls&expose them to the elements.

I hope Frank sees this email&he could give us a final answer.

Thanks much for your reply,it gives me a lot more confidence I'll be okay.

Alan Hummel

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