Re: 3D printed top/upper shelves, coupler boxes

Timothy Cann

Hi Ryan, I’ve uploaded a ZIP file to the group Files containing a possible solution to your F coupler modification. Tim

On Sep 28, 2019, at 8:00 PM, Ryan Harris <ryan.harris@...> wrote:

Hi Tim. My old version of AutoCAD can't do much with the files as is, but I was able to redraw the upper shelf using Frank's CAD file as a model. The Type F is a much bigger undertaking for me since I'd have to redraw it entirely.

Essentially what I'd like to do is attach the knuckle to the coupler body in the closed position, then modifiy the coupler to eliminate any interference between coupled pairs. I'd do this by moving the knuckle slightly outward from the coupler body (away from the shank). Then I'd move the female portion of the interlocking tab backward toward the shank so the male and female tabs on coupled pairs do not interlock. Finally, I'd remove any interference of the lower shelf between a coupled pair. The idea is that the couplers would look like Type F couplers, but they would be dummy couplers that can slide apart vertically. Then I'd make compatible shank and rotary shank versions.

Ryan Harris
Fort Worth TX

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