Re: 3D printed top/upper shelves, coupler boxes

Todd Fisher

Ryan I certainly hope you're right about the Fs coming back into production. Frank really hasn't said anything in regards and i feel like he's just expecting someone else to take over so he doesn't have to keep trying to find a fix. I've got many many couplers I'm in need of that aren't in stock. Long shanks, doubles, and type Fs 

On Sat, Sep 28, 2019, 7:47 PM Ryan Harris <ryan.harris@...> wrote:
Feel free to share all you want, Dave. I'm not on Facebook so this group is the only place I've posted anything.

I've seen SE couplers on several cars they "shouldn't" be installed on, including boxcars and reefers. They are becoming more and more common on pellet hoppers, too. And SBE couplers have been installed on many cars. 

I am going to buy a big pack of the SBE couplers soon. I still have quite a few tank cars that need proper couplers. For now I have a couple dozen of the SBE that I got in small packs to convert.

I like Ian's idea for unit trains. They look very good. I have an idea for making rotary couplers using a variation of the Type F box I designed, but I am not very adept at manipulating Frank's CAD files. 

Ryan Harris
Fort Worth TX

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