Re: 3D printed top/upper shelves, coupler boxes

Ryan Harris

Thanks, Todd. The shelf doesn't affect the operation of the coupler at all, other than limiting the ability of connected cars to separate. The uncoupling function still works as intended with one of the Sergent uncoupling wands. The coupling function is unaffected by the shelf as well.

I don't think using Shapeways to print in acrylic would result in very durable couplers, so I haven't attempted to print any operating couplers. Ian's part that Dave posted below looks like a good solution for F couplers. I would prefer dummy couplers that look like F couplers but can be separated. The trouble with that is that the couplers interlock, so the design would have to be modified to allow the couplers to slide past each other.

I can only imagine the time is coming when the wax printing problem is solved without Frank chasing down an expensive rabbit hole and the couplers are available once more. I have enough F couplers for locomotives but not many cars. Like you I have coal hoppers and gondolas in need of proper couplers.

Ryan Harris
Fort Worth TX

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