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Todd Fisher

David I am on the Facebook group and have seen Ian's work and it is great work. However I am looking for operating couplers due to the scope of my operations on the model railroad. 

On Sat, Sep 28, 2019, 11:12 AM David Olsen <3acr.scout@...> wrote:
Ryan, that's fantastic work, as always! I really like what you've done with the draft gear. Nick Molo's parts have been a huge help to mean in getting closer to the realism that I strive for in my models, but these sorts of parts that are tailored for Sergent couplers are another great option. I've been meaning to order some of your Type E coupler boxes and will do so shortly. Most of my CSX diesel and freight car modeling subjects seem to use lower shelf Type Es - it's like they did a big conversion in the mid-'90s from standard Es to lower shelf.  There is this one oddball - not sure why they put double shelf couplers on a 50' box car:

CSXT 502490:

I need to get on the ball and order a 144-pack of SBE couplers.  Thanks for the update on your projects, Ryan.  Do you mind if I share this on the Sergent Facebook page?  I'm not sure if you're a member on there...

On Sat, Sep 28, 2019 at 10:29 AM Todd Fisher <tftrainman1@...> wrote:
That is awesome, how well to they function with the other couplers? Also have you put into any thoughts of doing the type Fs? While I have many tank cars that need the double shelfs I also have an entire coal train that needs the type F couplers. I've been looking all over with no luck finding any. 
Todd, if you're not on Facebook, Ian Clasper has been doing some really interesting things with 3D printing based on Sergent's designs.  He has created plastic drawbar versions of Type F coupler, which represents two Type Fs coupled together.  One has a solid shank that fits over the usual mounting pin in the coupler pocket, while the other has an open end that clips into the pocket on the next car.  He's tested them, and they seem to hold up well.   He did the same thing with the standard Type E design.  I'm attaching two photos.  Ian has a Shapeways store, but he's only selling the couplers directly right now (I think he's using a different 3D printing service for them, or maybe his own printer).  I think they're a great economical alternative to buying and assembling a unit train's worth of real Sergents.  When I get around to it (unit coal cars aren't a priority for me right now), I'd like to use his drawbars to make sets of maybe 6 or 10 cars, with real Sergents on each end.

Dave Olsen
Carlisle, PA

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