Re: Uncoupler

Timothy Cann

The function-only decoders that I've tested are meant for driving LED's.  The lights functions of most loco decoders are designed for the extra current surge typical of grain-of-wheat incandescent bulbs.  My hardware requires 100mA per uncoupler (intermittent) and it's taken a lot for me to get it that low.  The function only decoders just don't measure up (that I've tested).  The non-prototypical "cut lever down" to uncouple is driven by the way the Sergent Engineering couplers uncouple: the magnet must be near the coupler's top surface.

As for engine-only use, yes that would be a great operational compromise to reduce cost.  My hardware will fit into most tenders, but definitely would not in most steam locos.  Even diesels would be a space challenge.


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