Re: (topic was Frank) New topic - progress is being made

Timothy Cann

After a brief inspection of the emerald green printed parts (my pictures above) from Frank's source files I've concluded they are of little use except as an experiment.  The Anycubic Photon's resolution is 47 microns XY and 25 microns Z, which falls far short of what is required to get the fine detail required for operational couplers.  The source files are IGS (2D/3D vector format).  I opened them natively in SolidWorks, then created a SLDPRT (SW part file).  While open, I exported each source file to STL format which can be used directly in the Photon (and a majority of other 3D printers).  The SLDPRT file is useful when making assemblies for use in my modeled SolidWorks rolling stock.


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