Re: (topic was Frank) New topic - progress is being made

David Olsen

For those of you who aren’t on the Sergeant Facebook page, Ian Clasper has been doing some really neat work with Frank’s CAD files. Ian drew up a coupled set of dummy couplers for 3D printing that would allow you to equip a unit train with linkages that look like Sergents but are a solid one-piece drawbar that is permanent mounted at one end and clips in on the other end. He reports that it’s been successful on average length trains, but he hasn’t done testing on longer / heavier trains yet. Ian has some items already for sale on Shapeways, so I’m guessing he’ll make these available there also if / when he’s satisfied with the design.

I think this is a fantastic idea. I plan to have a utility coal train that I’d like to equip with lower shelf Type F couplers, but I could never afford to do all of them (50-60 cars) with Sergents when they would rarely be separated. I might do them in 10-car sets or something. I’m attaching a photo that Ian posted of his paired, 3D printer coupler draw bar.

Dave Olsen
Yorktown, VA

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