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Alan Hummel

To All Sergent Modelers,
My name is Alan Hummel and used to talk to Frank Sergent via the old fashioned rotary dial telephone when he was manufacturing the standard E Coupler,in the white metal castings from his home. That has been a LONG time ago.Lots of laughs. Look at how far Frank has come since those days for which I want to thank him personally for his diligence in time,energy and finances. He's opened up a whole new area of Prototypical modeling for us modelers,for which we are all grateful.

I'm "on board" with the rest of you Sergent Modelers,although at my age of 61 and being without work,the best I can do financially,(no sob story intended), is buy Sergent Couplers. My finances might be nothing,but my enthusiasm is 100%!! Frank's Couplers are a great PLUS that all of us must work at to keep in production. Like myself,that "work" may be as a customer only,which is vital,while others can possibly do more.  "TOGETHER," we make up the complete "circle" just as all the pieces of a pie,no matter how small each piece is,make up an entire pie.

So Mr. Sergent and all Sergent Modelers have faith and "hang together" as we are. I'm very encouraged by the inputs of Frank and all the Sergent Modelers. Thank you,Gentlemen.

As Always,
Al Hummel

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