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Tim L

Those are some nice looking prints there Tom. From the pictures it looks like there is material missing from inside the ball socket of the top casting, ie, it doesn't look like a plain hole but the hole is "undercut" on the inside, and also not round either. Perhaps this is the problem with the ball.

It's good to see that some folk are so far along, I wish I was but until last week the only coupler that I really needed for the time was one (the CS coupler) that I'd have to modify the drawing to put a standard shank on, which is beyond my capability as I don't have a PC capable of running today's fancy 3D CAD programs at this time. Oh well.

To comment on a few other posts, yes, it is possible to 3D print metal but it could be cost prohibitive for the strength needed. I believe that most 3D printing metal is basically sintering which I don't think would be as strong as a cast part. I haven't looked at it for a long time though.

Ditto for resin, I haven't looked into that for a long time either but I'd still be wary of resin for the finished product. I also don't think you could use resin for creating the parts for investment casting. I don't know what Frank uses but unless there's been incredible advances in either resin or investment casting you need the part to be done in a thermoplastic or wax so the part can be completely consumed by heat to create the part shaped voids in the investment.

I'm really enjoying this thread on progress and the continued existence of Sergents. Hopefully Frank is watching and enjoying it as well and pops his head in to say hi and perhaps drop a few more hints on how he used to do it.

- Tim

On 29/04/2019 00:55, Tom Colasurdo via Groups.Io wrote:
Let Frank weigh in on the crowd funding idea for a 3-D printer ... no sense speculating, or setting parameters.

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