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Todd Fisher

Nathan I would definitely be on board with helping to pay for new molds if it meant getting to at least keep the long shanks going. I understand the others have to be done investment cast due to the higher detail on them and would love to see them back as well but Id be satisfied with some long shanks as a very large majority of what I still need to convert are cushioning cars and long cars. 

On Sun, Apr 28, 2019, 4:30 AM Tim L <tim@...> wrote:

I wasn't advocating that we should crowd fund Frank a 3D printer, I was
trying to lightheartedly point out that *if* crowdfunding for Frank was
something that happened then a 3D printer that "worked" (as opposed to a
3D printer that doesn't work like he has now) would be a more viable
proposition than a set of steel molds for diecasting a single coupler.
Frank fully intends for us to use his drawings to make couplers, that's
why he's given the drawings to us - he wants us (us = hobby in general)
to continue the couplers into the future long after he's done with it
all. How well we (as a hobby) succeed in that is another matter.


I wasn't trying to slap down Nathan's idea, just pointing out the likely
realities of the outcome of a set of steel molds considering Frank would
have already done the homework on the cost recovery front. Don't get me
wrong, I don't want Frank to stop, at least not until I've worked out
how to do it all (probably years!) as I need some speciality couplers still.

Noting your location, good to see another person from down here using
Sergents; your only the third or fourth person in this country that I
know of using them.

- Tim

On 28/04/2019 15:56, John Larkin via Groups.Io wrote:
> Just as a suggestion, how about we let Frank decide if he would like to
> have a better 3D printer for him to make coupler parts or would he
> prefer (because of time for smaller lots, for example) to let another
> party use his drawings to make parts for the low run specialty parts? 
> It might then be easier to set up a small corporation (of whatever type,
> C, S, etc.) and those who'd like to pitch in could own stock in the
> company.  The individual who is willing to make parts with it could be
> granted additional shares for the time, and then even get some added
> funds if the printer was used to make additional model railroad items
> that required time.  I'm trying to avoid saddling somebody with the
> burden of learning how to do 3D printing, then making and shipping
> parts, etc., without at least offering them something in return.
> This is just an idea and I'm not trying to say this is a final solution,
> only one idea that might work.  I'm sure you guys would have better
> ideas so consider this a start.  Those who put money in could receive
> some compensation, or it might be in parts, of just good hearted
> helping, whatever is fair and works for everybody.
> John Larkin

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