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Tim L

Probably around $20,000. I think it'd take more than a few dollars from each of us to fund what Frank has already determined isn't viable cost wise to have a mold made for (The sales numbers probably don't add up to recover the cost to the mold). We'd likely be better off funding Frank a better 3D printer, one that actually works so he doesn't have to tinker to try and make the current one work.

The only thing is Frank doesn't particularly want to keep doing this in the future and I believe the specialty (non diecast) couplers have become a bit of a chore over other things for him these days (hence why he's not giving a whole lot of time to getting the 3D printer working). Frank has given us the designs for the couplers so we can make/get made our own. I'm still looking into this. I know for many the casting process would be beyond their ability or beyond what they can locate at home but any place that does investment casting should be able to cast the couplers, and should have a 3D printer of sufficient quality to make the investment parts as well if one doesn't have one one's self.

- Tim

On 28/04/2019 14:47, Nathan Rich wrote:
If we knew the cost of a set of steel molds, what if we did a GoFundMe to pay for the other molds for the different shank lengths? I'd kick in a few bucks toward the cost if it meant they would stay available.
Just an idea...
Nathan Rich

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