Sergent website, was: Looking for S scale couplers

Tim L

The S Scale and Taylor made coupler pages aren't completely gone from the website, just hidden from the menu. There are two ways to take this; Frank has hidden them as he intends to no longer make and sell them (this has happened previously with some of the narrow shank range, and of course Glatzl's couplers) or, he has hidden them as they are a longer term return to production (remember he has had plenty of issues with the new 3D printer) and hiding them reduces for him the queries on when they will be available. Hopefully it's reason number 2 but my feeling is that it's reason number 1.

Either way a note on his website would good so we would all know one way or the other and not have to speculate.


On 17/04/2019 11:08, Jason Hethke wrote:
Looks like quite a bit was removed off of his website, I have been keeping my eye out for tailor made's for walthers passenger cars, those are gone as well.....

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