Worldwide shipping policy

Reynante Bulaon


As far as I know, there are only 2 Sergent coupler users here in Philippines, and we managed to get a hold of a pack of FC87K and EC87KB which we split in half. At the time I though that was enough for I have only about 50 rolling stocks including my locos, but it has since been increasing with some more used freight cars being acquired cheap locally(from deceased collectors) from garage sales.

So now my stock of sergents are running out, and our friend that helped us before in buying our sergents is no longer able to buy overseas, added to the dilemma the ban on shipping the couplers here as per the sergent engineering website.

I would be having some funds for another EC87KB in the following momths and that would be enough to cover my needs but I would need help from someone to buy for me and would be willing to ship here.


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