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Frank Sergent

Hi Cliff,
You just reached me. Don’t be shy about using the group for this. It seems to be the most reliable method.
Diecast couplers are in Zamak 3. Unfortunately, its pretty much impossible to solder this stuff. If you want a coupler that doesn’t stick out so far (without the obvious solution of buying a shorter coupler from me – which can’t be done right now), the easiest route is to switch to the narrow shank version and back up its mounting location a tad. You can use draft gear boxes from Smoky Mountain Models or Accurail to make the job easier. That might sound like extra work, but its much easier than trying to shorten the compatible shank couplers and you get a near scale width box as a side benefit.

Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2019 7:26 PM
Subject: [Sergent Engineering] 1st post.
Name is Cliff. I've been using Sergents for a few years, mainly for customers cars. The lack of stock as of late has put a damper on others projects, so I'll be focusing on my own static models--mainly graffiti covered hoppers and cabooses "cabeese"-- that do not require long drawbars.

Does anyone know what alloy the Diecast couplers are cast in? No luck in reaching the main-man Frank by email. If the metal is right, I'll start shortening the couplers myself.

Thanks in advance.

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