Re: Couplers lock up and won’t close.

Markus Nee

Yes! I've had that happen, too. Sometimes the arm on the back of the knuckle wears down or the end breaks off, and it no longer hits the stop inside the coupler head. When this happens, the knuckle can open too far and allow the ball bearing to fall back down on the wrong side of the arm, locking the knuckle in the open position. Flipping it upside down, or using the magnetic wand will pull the bearing back out and allow you to close it, but truly fixing it usually means disassembling and replacing the knuckle.


On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 1:28 PM Rob Briney <drgw4ever@...> wrote:

I have been using Sergent Couplers for several years now. From time to time I will have one that refuses to close. If I take it and turn it upside down it will open just fine. I will usually take it off soak it in Acetone   then clean and examine it before reassembling it. Sometimes the cleaning doesn’t work and sometimes it does. I have had a few that this has happened to right after  removing them from the assembly fixture.

Does anyone know what causes this? 

Rob Briney 


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