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Tim L

I use the method given in the first Installation Tip (InterMountain/Tichy Single Sheathed Box Car) on the Sergents website. Amazing how well this method works. It's a bit more difficult when a molded on coupler box doesn't have a flat top, like the Proto2000 Type 21 Tank Car (Installation Tip 8) but even then "finger-over" method can work. I can't link directly to the tip, Franks site sill uses Frames (for shame Frank) but just go to Instructions Etc on the Sergent website and scroll down the the Installation Tips link.

- Tim

On 04/01/2019 11:00, Nick Brown wrote:
I have been an HOn3 modeler for more than 40 years.  I've always used Kay Dee couplers.  I was inspired to try Sergents by articles in the HOn3 annuals but only got the proverbial 'round to it' a few days ago. I'm wondering how anyone keeps those little springs from flying away. I'm trying a method that doesn't use springs.   Hope it works.

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