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Dale Buxton <dbtuathaddana@...>

Yup Andrew, me either. Unless you want them to work like Kadee 714's with the trip pins removed. To me that is like a GIANT step backwards with Sergents. I designed a coupler box that would do this centering chore for Sergents and I sell it on Shapeways. Sales have been very slow. It was not a project  that wanted for myself. Rather, I did it as a project to see if there was really a large interest in this whole coupler centering thing. For myself, I use prototypical coupling practices. My grandfather and his father were Switchmen. What grandad taught me about car movements and the coupling of cars to trains works just fine with Sergent Couplers. Nuff said.


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I seen people mention that.  To me it ruins the whole point of having Sergent couplers.  I don’t get the automatic centering thought process.


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