Re: Coupler stock


I would think that a really great outcome of the performance algorithm may very well be having both cv3 and4 set to zero.  That is have no inherent momentum settings on board.  In stead if we take EVERYTHING that impacts momentum as a calculation then we could make every engine controlled with the throttle act properly all the time.  It has the added benefit that if we have modeller using software application like for example traincontroller there is not going to be an issues.  Traincontroller itself works out all those momentum type of details and by default requires cv3/4 be set to zero.

On Tue, 11 Dec 2018 at 11:42, Dale Buxton <dbtuathaddana@...> wrote:
The old way is also the vastly more expensive and time consuming method too. Unless you have the injection molding equipment in house. Every mold modification needs to be tested in an injection molding machine before production can even start to begin.

So, there’s that.

Dale Buxton

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