Re: Coupler stock

Edward Sutorik

Investment casting doesn't use injection molding equipment.

Reading this article:

there is a comment:  "In recent years the production of patterns using 3D printing has become which case one goes directly to step 5."  From step 1.  So, Steps 2, 3, and 4 can be skipped.  What the 3D element does is make it quite a bit easier to produce the wax patterns.  However, Cal Scale was making wonderful investment castings YEARS ago without 3D printing.  And Kemtron before them.

I believe the earlier investment cast Sergent parts were done using steps 2-3-4.  And I believe that Frank is either getting very tired of dealing with steps 2-3-4, and/or he's yearning to cut the costs of using steps 2-3-4.

Since 3D printing is mentioned in the article, it has obviously been in substantial usage.  So it's not like Frank is going where no one has gone before.  But there might very well be start-up expenses.  And start-up mistakes.  But I doubt that it's anywhere near impossible.  Maybe just too expensive.  Or irritating.


Edward Sutorik

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