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It's an Elegoo "MARS". It arrived a day early. So if the resin arrives on scheduled. I might have my first print 30 to 45 minutes later sometime Monday.


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What model of printer was it?


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Are you aware that Sergent has put his designs into the public domain? He has has said he will work with anyone who is dead serious about moving his work forward after he is done. So worry not.

I don't know the process that Frank uses to go from resin to metal. But FormLabs has a new wax baring resin that substitutes for the wax used in lost wax casting. ( i.e. investment casting) 

The cost of SLA printers keeps coming down and detail that they capture keeps going up. 

I just bought an SLA printer off Amazon yesterday for $350 US. It arrives Monday. The size is just right for my modeling needs and the detail level (which is very high) is equal to the FormLabs, Form 2 printer. I am not a maker geek by any means. But once you get the hang of 3D cad drawing. A new world of modeling possibilities opens up to you with a 3D printer.

At some point in the future, someday, SLA printers (or something better) will be as common to a modelers work bench as an X-acto knife. 

The day is coming!

Dale Buxton

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What concerns me most is that the couplers may disappear from the market if Frank can't get the problems with the printer sorted out, I have over 400 freight cars so converted to Sergents but have some real concerns at the moment, it would be a real pain in the you know what to have to go back to using Kadee's after the rather large investment I have made in regards to the Sergents but at this point in time it does not look to promising, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what Frank can come up with.

Regards to all.
Rob McLear.

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