Re: Coupler stock

David Olsen

Good to hear from your, Frank. I’m sorry you’re having frustrations with the printer. I’ve been tinkering with your couplers since the original silver castings days and love all of the advancements you’ve made with your product line. It sounds like I need to start offering some more financial support by buying couplers, but I unfortunately mostly need shelf couplers as a late ‘90s modeler. Your lower shelf Type E and F couplers are the most used versions in my fleet. However, I’ll find some uses for regular Type Es!

On Dec 7, 2018, at 06:13, Rob Barker <robkbarker@...> wrote:
Yeah Rob, the short Es are out of stock and effected.  And I *just* figured out how great the short shanks work with Moloco draft gear boxes :-(

Rob, I’ve also found that the short shank couplers look better in scale draft gear boxes like Moloco and Tangent. The regular shanks seem to stick out just a little too far, but maybe they look like they’re under tension in a moving train. I figured that it was because the pulling face matches the distance from the mounting hole of a Kadee, but the scale Sergent head is smaller.

Dave Olsen
Yorktown, VA

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