Re: Coupler stock

Frank Sergent

Hi All,
Trying to answer a bunch of questions at once...
Alan: Really bad/unfixable. I wouldn’t say that. I can’t stand to not work on a problem. Time frame for solution is totally unknown though.
Chris: Post to Facebook group. Sure. No secrets here.
Ed: Critical mass. Yes. Various shank lengths are very important. Wish I still had them. Dummy couplers sold out very quickly once I announced they were going away.
Chris: 3D Printers supposed to be better now. The old printer was a high dollar EnvisionTec. Done with those guys. Too hard to deal with.
Wayne: EC64 knuckles are diecast but the bodies are investment cast. Knuckles are no good without the bodies. I still have several 1000 knuckles and a $12k die cast mold for the knuckles that I can’t use.
Nathan: Rolling your own with knuckles and balls sourced from me. Sounds great. Good luck. Let me know how I can help.

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