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Alan Hummel


It's a "pain" but I have Kadee&McHenry scale couplers on most of my newer rolling stock and my Sergents will couple to both. Hands are sometimes needed to finish the couple but they DO work. When coupling push the Kadee or McHenry&the Sergent to the 1 side so the Sergent can grip the foreign coupler's knuckle. When uncoupling uncouple the Sergent's knuckle 1st. 

Hope this helps.

Alan Hummel

On Thursday, December 6, 2018, 12:41:11 PM EST, Edward Sutorik via Groups.Io <Edwardsutorik@...> wrote:

Regarding the dummy couplers:

I recall Frank saying the dummies were discontinued and that he had enough to last for awhile.  I tried to order some "after awhile" and couldn't find them on the website.  I thought they were perhaps sold out.  But I also thought they perhaps were not, and it just didn't show on the website.  That is why I asked the question.  On July 23rd.

As far as the many other sold out couplers:

I am at a point where I need various shank lengths of Sergent couplers to continue my conversions.  Without them, I can't proceed.  Which then means my conversion to Sergent couplers can't proceed.  Because I need a "critical mass" of Sergent equipped cars to make the conversion workable.


Edward Sutorik

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