Re: Coupler stock

Edward Sutorik

Regarding the dummy couplers:

I recall Frank saying the dummies were discontinued and that he had enough to last for awhile.  I tried to order some "after awhile" and couldn't find them on the website.  I thought they were perhaps sold out.  But I also thought they perhaps were not, and it just didn't show on the website.  That is why I asked the question.  On July 23rd.

As far as the many other sold out couplers:

I am at a point where I need various shank lengths of Sergent couplers to continue my conversions.  Without them, I can't proceed.  Which then means my conversion to Sergent couplers can't proceed.  Because I need a "critical mass" of Sergent equipped cars to make the conversion workable.


Edward Sutorik

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