Re: Leaving out the friction springs

Edward Sutorik

Thanks for your responses, folks.

It's not slack action I'm concerned with.  Well, in a way, it is.  THAT is one of the reasons I've been installing Sergent couplers--there isn't any (to speak of).

No.  It's only because it can be a REAL pain to assemble the "coupler box" in some cars.  Especially when you have stick a little coil spring in there and somehow hold an assortment of pieces in a special position, slide it in............

Oh, yes.  I'm talking about the "compatible" shank.  I haven't even thought about the other.  Yet.

Again, thanks.  I will continue to put the springs in where it's easy.  Where it isn't, I'll leave them out.


Edward Sutorik

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