Re: Shelf coupler operation

Alan Hummel


I have shelf couplers with the single shelf,(SBE), as well as double shelf,(SE),and they work just like the prototype couplers. They won't slide apart and will work on let's call it, "troubled track," though I try to keep my track as level as possible.

Long cars I haven't tried any on yet. I think on 72ft centerbeams and other longer cars,I'd use the SBE couplers with the extended shank.

Al Hummel

On Saturday, July 14, 2018, 10:17:59 AM EDT, Stephen Henderson <slx1f@...> wrote:

I am looking to possibly buy some shelf couplers and was wonder how well they work?  Do they make it so the couplers don't slide apart on uneven track or with long cars? 


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