Re: Shelf coupler operation

Tim L

Yes, just ask me about the three damaged cars I now have when I accidentally knocked one of them over and the couplers took the other two cars with it to the floor!

Serious now (that knock over did happen though), if the shelf couplers on two vehicles are in the same plane, ie, both horizontal then yes the shelves prevent vertical separation but in some cases, just like on the prototype if one coupler is at a significant angle to the other (eg, one horizontal and it's mate is say 10 degrees from horizontal) then vertical separation could occur as the angle means the knuckle may not hit the shelf. I think you'd require pretty shoddy vertical curves for that to be an issue for you.

I once ran a test where I pulled a wagon from flat to a very serious angle without the following wagon uncoupling from it. They weren't really long wagons mind you.

- Tim

On 15/07/2018 00:17, Stephen Henderson wrote:
I am looking to possibly buy some shelf couplers and was wonder how well they work?  Do they make it so the couplers don't slide apart on uneven track or with long cars?

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