Re: Leaving out the friction springs

Tim L

If you meant slack as in slack action then the friction springs have little to do with that. Slack as in free sideways movement well it depends on the model. I have some that the coupler box provides more sideways friction than the spring could ever hope to, and I'll have to get around to freeing them up; and I have others that are so free that a gentle breeze would swing the couplers from side to side if it weren't for the friction spring. I'm guessing that these ones could have problems coupling on curves without the friction spring installed.

Back to the question, All I can really say is to try it, the friction spring is designed as an aide to to keep the couplers where they are when uncoupled, especially on curves. The need to install them or be able to dispense with them will probably come down to your operational requirements more than anything else.

- Tim

On 13/07/2018 13:29, Artur Pawlowski via Groups.Io wrote:
I never install the springs, I did once but it made no difference. There in no slag so I don’t see the point.

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