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Christopher Zurek

I found that at Micro Mark, but I wasn't sure if it was the same thing.

I probably won't be getting any since I never need to order from any of those places, and I'm not going to order just one item. Too bad Frank at Sergent Engineering doesn't carry it, I could just buy some when I order couplers.

Chris Z.

On 11/29/2013 12:34 PM, John Niemeyer wrote:

Just a quick web search and came up with this:,8383.html  also available from P.B.L. and Caboose Hobbies.

What is Neolube and where do I get it?

Chris Z.

Update on Sharon for BlackStone cars (RNB87K). After building the 6 Sharon couplers decided to mount a set in a BlackStone High Side Gondola. Perfect fit! No filing required and did not need to ream hole out.

They are noticeably smaller than Type D and Kadee couplers.

Operation in limited testing is smooth and no ball drop issues like I had on previous type D without Neolube. when coupling seems to mate more reliably without excessive force.

Have not tried to weather or paint them yet. Thinking neo-lube might present a challenge to paint sticking. Will try Bar Mills or AIM powders to see if these work reliably.

Thanks Cameron

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> Just finished 6 Sharon's using neo-lube. All 6 work well without polishing. Assembly time about 1 min each using the jig. These are even easier than the type D I was doing.
> So far these are real winners.
> Thanks Cameron\Rabbi


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