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Frank Sergent

Could you please email me. I have some questions regarding your couplers, past and present. I have interest in your wonderful line of couplers and might be able to expand it.

Thank you
Scott Reinert

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Hi All,
Let me restate what I have said before and give an update.
I did say I would eventually get out of the coupler making business. Wheels are slowing turning in that direction now. I have put all my designs in the public domain. Several folks have downloaded those designs and I know some have tried to 3D print these with varying levels of success. Printing the couplers is just the first step. No one has of yet demonstrated they can do this well, but there is interest. Casting them in metal is the real trick that requires an investment in equipment (not my equipment, its mine, mine, mine). That's probably about $10k worth of cool stuff (that can also be used to make things other than couplers) if purchased new. A dedicated workspace will also be needed (I do it in my basement) where you can vent fumes outside. There are a few skills you will need or need to develop as well such as 3D CAD, 3D Printing, urethane casting, basic metal (small lathe and mill probably necessary and included in the $10k), electrical (dedicated outlets, temperature control wiring), and plumbing (devest station) skills. Several folks believe a useful product might be created in raw 3D printed plastic. Maybe so. We'll see I guess. As I gain confidence that someone is on the right track and willing to make an investment, I will slowly discontinue 3D printed items, otherwise there will be little reason for anyone to make that initial investment in equipment. When I see success in making the 3D printed / investment cast couplers, then I'll offer to sell them the tooling for the die cast products at a price they can't refuse. Then that lucky person will get filthy rich. OK. Maybe not filthy rich, but the initial investment will easily be paid off within 12 months (probably 6)  assuming you're not paying somebody else to do the work.
Bottom line is that I don't want money for the product line. I want somebody to prove they have passion about it. Making these things is real work and takes real time. You're not going to be able to quit your day job. You will end up with a small pile of extra cash. If you think its a great deal because of the extra cash, you might find you would rather have extra time instead of extra cash.
I have promised a few folks that I will eventually add a section to my website that describes how I make the couplers in detail. I will do that.
Bottom, bottom line is that it is not my intent to let the product line die. If you would in anyway consider buying the business (which is not for sell), why not consider purchasing some equipment, dedicating some space, figuring out how to make the product, and creating your own business that sells the product? I'll help any way I can toward that effort.
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How much would he want for his business?

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To all,
Early on when Frank made his couplers available to new marketers,1 person from oversees was interested but thought the cost for oversees shipping was too much.
I'm curious with seriousness:how much would it take to buy Frank out? I'm 60,not in the best of health can't find any work because of my health,love railroading,maybe this would be what I need.(?)
Al Hummel
On Tuesday, July 10, 2018, 8:32:00 PM EDT, Randall Vos via Groups.Io <r_vos1979@...> wrote:
I thought Frank said a while back that he had a few companies interested in his business?
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Frank is looking to have someone buy him out,or using his drawings,make couplers like his to my understanding. He's not pulling out,but is looking to leave the coupler business but wants to see his couplers fall into a new manufacturer's hands so his coupler line continues into the future. 
I admit having thoughts of how long his coupler line will remain available,myself. What's REALLY concerning me,is noone has seemingly shown much interest in the project. These couplers are a milestone to HO Scale. The next thing that's on the way are Prototypical working ground throw switchstands with targets from ALL ABOARD TRAINS. These are a ways off as the 1st 'stands are being made in O Scale 1st,but the company's owner hopes to make an HO Model in the future.
Alan Hummel

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