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Randall Vos

I thought Frank said a while back that he had a few companies interested in his business?

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Frank is looking to have someone buy him out,or using his drawings,make couplers like his to my understanding. He's not pulling out,but is looking to leave the coupler business but wants to see his couplers fall into a new manufacturer's hands so his coupler line continues into the future.Ā 

I admit having thoughts of how long his coupler line will remain available,myself. What's REALLY concerning me,is noone has seemingly shown much interest in the project. These couplers are a milestone to HO Scale. The next thing that's on the way are Prototypical working ground throw switchstands with targets from ALL ABOARD TRAINS. These are a ways off as the 1st 'stands are being made in O Scale 1st,but the company's owner hopes to make an HO Model in the future.

Alan Hummel

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