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John Niemeyer


If you tried to contact us 3 times. We didn't see it. So far I haven't denied anyone for membership. Something fell thru the cracks, because I don't see anything from you previously.

Welcome to the group.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

John Niemeyer
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Hello to all of you,

This is my third attempt to contact you. As you can see in the mail address I am living in The Netherlands. The reason I apply is that some years ago I bought EN87A couplers for my On2 Gilpin railroad. I have sold all equipment but removed the couplers. So I had enough for 25 cars. I hoped they would be correct for my On3 South Park railroad around 1885, but they are too small.

Sheldon Schwedler of Coronado Scale models advised the S couplers as being almost correct for the 3/4 size coupler. (I do not like Kadeeā€™s and the new San Juan couplers are too big for my chosen period.) I ordered S couplers for 4 cars; the Smoky Mountain boxes arrived this week. I hope I can start assembly and testing in a few weeks.
I hope to learn from the experience of others about the couplers, especially on eventual troubleshooting. No one over here (also those who model US railroads) uses them or even know of their existence.

Kind regards,

Daniel van Aggelen

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