Re: Note from Frank Sergent

Tim L

Now that is huge news, and kudos to Frank for his approach to the longevity of his design. I do hope that the dies for the diecast couplers can be saved. I'd love to have them but shipping them halfway around the globe is just not going to happen.

I do hope eventually Frank also gives away where the balls and springs come from.

- Tim

On 11/04/2018 23:14, Ryan Harris wrote:
>From the Sergent Engineering home page:
Sergent Engineering experienced record profit in 2017, but what
about the future? Sergent Engineering has been around for almost 20
years now and I am very proud of what has been accomplished. For 20
years, I have personally been making couplers. It's time to think
about what comes next. I don't know when (so don't bother asking),
but sometime this journey will end for me. I love my customers and
refuse to leave them out in the cold. Consistent with that goal, I
am placing all the coupler designs in the public domain now. If you
are interested in having your own copy of these designs Click here.
Sergent Engineering has never been a typical business. No doubt,
this news is further evidence of that fact. My hope is that other
small (and large) manufacturers will follow suit and allow their
designs to live on in perpetuity rather than allowing good products
to die in a virtual intellectual property trash heap as a result of
changing markets, business interest, and aging owners. We have done
many things first. How's that for one more first from Sergent
Ryan Harris
Fort Worth TX

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