Re: Casting problem?

Frank Sergent

Hi Ryan and all,
The hole in the back of the investment cast couplers has been there for a about 2 years now. Its not in the diecast couplers. The function of the hole is to improve casting yield by letting air escape during the investing process. Feel free to plug the hole during the assembly process if the coupler will be installed in a way that allows the back surface to be viewed (flat cars and such).
Sorry your previous emails went unanswered – I never got them unfortunately.

Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2018 3:51 PM
Subject: [Sergent Engineering] Casting problem?
I am assembling some packages of couplers today - EC87P100K, EC87M040K and SEC87K - and all of them seem to have the same problem. There is a hole in the back of the coupler horn leading to the void for the locking ball. I am afraid that unless the hole is plugged, paint or glue could end up getting through the hole to the locking ball rendering the coupler inoperable.

I don't believe this hole has always been there. I usually clean and assemble the couplers using magnification and lots of light, so I think I'd have seen light passing through the coupler during the assembly before if this was common to my previous orders. Or maybe I just missed it.

Has anyone else noticed the hole in their couplers? Has it presented a problem allowing paint or glue to get inside the coupler?

I'm posting this here since both of my emails from two different accounts to Sergent have gone unanswered. I understand there's a past issue with spam filtering, but I can't get through to Sergent any other way.
Ryan Harris
Fort Worth TX

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