Re: Contact with Sergent Engineering

Frank Sergent

Hi all,
A few years back, some nice person sent out a few million spam emails spoofing an email address from the domain. Those emails didn’t really come from me or even my email server, so there was nothing I could really do to prevent it. Unfortunately as a result, the domain was marked by some internet service providers as bad. The nice person that started this eventually quit, but the damage was done. As a result, even now some of my inquiry replies never make it back to their destination. This is not to say that I am always as prompt as I should be in responding (because I’m not), but I generally do respond. I do monitor this list, so if you haven’t received a response from me in a reasonable period of time and you don’t mind sharing your inquiry with the world, you can post it here.
I’ll answer the question about rotary couplers in a separate post.

From: Mark Lewis
Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 10:28 PM
Subject: Re: [Sergent Engineering] Contact with Sergent Engineering

The only email address I have for Frank is:     Sales@...  
This is directly off a packing list I received with an order.

Mark Lewis
Stony Point, NC

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