Re: The ball will not drop!

Darren Boes

I suspect that's the reason for the ball failing to drop in this case. If I recall the instructions emphasize burnishing the ball socket with a toothpick, and keeping the socket absolutely free of anything else to allow free movement of the ball.

As this is my first message, I'll note that I switched to Sergents to get away from the excess slack action of Kadees. I'm planning a model railroad based on highlights of CP in southern Alberta and BC, and trying to account for the use of Sergents in the design of the switching areas.

Darren Boes 

On Sun, 18 Feb 2018 at 16:50, Ken Anderson
<cprrn1@...> wrote:
Graphite in coupler pocket

I didn't think it was ok to use graphite in ballpocket but it sounds good, is that ok ??

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