Re: [SPAM] Re: [Sergent Engineering] The ball will not drop!

Tim L

I doubt you failed anything, the ball pocket cleaning isn't in the printed instructions for the EC87 or EN87, the online instructions do have a bit about it. The instructions for the RC87K, RN87K, RNB87K, RNC87K have a pic and explanation. I can't give you a direct link as Franks website still uses frames (really Frank?, I think it's past time to update) but just go to the Sergent website, click the instructions etc button, then the Click Here for Instructions link and then finally click the RC87K, RN87K, RNB87K, RNC87K link.


On 16/02/2018 15:08, Ed Tibbetts wrote:
I was not aware of the pocket cleaning. I have been doing the pencil graphite in the ball pocket. Did I fail "reading for comprehension?", or is this just my learning curve? 😊
Ed T

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