Re: The ball will not drop!

Mark Lewis

I totally agree.

Mark Lewis 

On Feb 15, 2018 9:20 PM, "TL" <egroupstuff@...> wrote:
I don't think that slightly magnetic tweezers are the problem, Zinc
(what the coupler is made of) is not magnetic by itself and can not hold
a magnetic charge (unless Frank is using some sort of alloy that does contain a metal that is magnetic) so the ball cannot stick magnetically
to the casting so my guess is that the ball socket requires cleaning

I just went looking on Franks site to find the info on cleaning out the
ball socket etc but I can't find it. It's there somewhere though.
Basically cut a bit off the sharp point end of the toothpics provided
and twirl the toothpic in the ball socket, like you were drilling a hole
in the ball socket but your using the toothpic instead of a drill bit.

Using non magnetic tweezers is so the ball doesn't stick to the

- Tim

On 16/02/2018 12:48, Mark Lewis wrote:
Ed:     Yes. I have a pair of nylon tweezers, to avoid the magnetism problem.
Also, are you thoroughly cleaning out the cavity where the ball rides, so there is no drag? I use a wood toothpick.

Mark Lewis

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