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Dale Buxton


I seem to be the one that started this whole Neo-lube thing. Yes, this is the stuff you can get from MicroMark or PBL. I think it's way better than the pencil lubrication trick. The stuff is microscopic Graphite and it flows into every nook and cranny all on its own! It will go places the sharpest pencil can only dream about. Neo-lube also has the side benefit of blackening the couplers which is pretty great in itself.

 I built 10 of the Sharon types last night for Blackstone cars as a test. You see not all of the Blackstone draft gear boxes are of the same exact dimensions. The only car that the Blackstone specific Sharon's will not drop into is the boxcar. The draft gear box is a bit shallow and the pivot pin is a bit thick. So you need the 4mm tapered reamer to open up the couplers pivot hole and the shank needs to be thinned a tiny bit with a file.

I'm still a little reluctant to get any Neo-lube directly on the little ball bearing. Neo-lube is made of 3 components, microscopic Graphite, a polymer, and alcohol. The alcohol is the carrier and a polymer usually denotes a binder, I.E. GLUE! Not knowing the specific nature of this polymer I am advising not getting on the little ball. This may be nothing but, why take chances!

Dale Buxton

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Hi Cameron and group members,

I've ordered a set of 6 Sharon couplers, the assembly jig, and the uncoupling wand to try out on some of my Blackstone fleet.  Can you tell me more about using the NeoLube?  Is this the same NeoLube sold through MicroMark?  I had tried out the Sergent EN87 coupler a couple of years ago, but wasn't interested in making all the necessary modifications to my freight cars and locomotives to replace the Kadee 714's.  Do you think the NeoLube is a better option than using pencil lead, as described in Sergent's instructions?

Thanks everyone!  I'm looking forward to trying the Sergent couplers again.

Take care!


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