Re: Making the plunge!

Ed Tibbetts <tippytib@...>

I "bit the bullet" today and ordered a "starter kit" of RNC87's. I have some LaBelle box cars that have very little space between them when coupled together, so I am hopeful the C's will leave room for the uncupling wand. These cars will belong to the Red Mountain R.R., a switchback line off the summit of my HOn3 Colorado R.R.. I got an email back from Frank @ Sergent last night, and he said I would have no compatibility issues mixing the Sharon's with SBEC87P130K's. I plan to use the sbec's as pilot couplers on my rod engines. All my loco's are DeadRail, so I don't have to worry about electrical shorts if I double head the hill. :-) He also said he can supply the bulk (144) pack of RNC87K's. Said just order the B's, and send an email stating I really want the C's.  :-)

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